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liz. Wintersturm

The Haflinger Stallion Wintersturm, out of Tavosa and by liz. Abendstern is owned by J.Waldner, Marling, South Tyrol. He was born in 2004, is 151 cm tall and was reserve champion at the Haflingereuropaschau in Merano in 2007, won the HLP in South Tyrol in 2008 and was winner of the category Single-horse / on the European Championships 2009 in Meran young horses. He is an elegant stallion of the coveted W-line with first-class movement. His offspring include licensed stallions, u.a. the winning stallion 2011 in South Tyrolm, the World Juge Reserve Winner, as well as the 2015 Country Winner, on the occasion of the World Exhibition (S-Rivalin) and numerous, highly decorated daughters as well as his outstanding contribution make Wintersturm a highly sought-after stallion.

His successes:
2007: Reserve Champion of the Haflinger European Show in Merano
2008: winner of the national stallion performance test
2009: Haflinger European Championships in Merano – winner category Einspänner Jungpferde
2011: Champion stallion of the national stallion licensing

His offspring:
2008: National Foal Championships – reserve champion filly
2009: National Foal Championships – reserve champion colt and filly
2010: National Haflinger Stallion Licensing Meran – 3 first class sons: Winterstern 3rd place, Wilko 5th place and W-Ombromanto 6th place
2011: Exhibition IX: Winner category 2 year old mares; Reserve champion category Stutjährlinge
2011: Exhibition Ritten: Winner category stallions, Winner category 3 year old mares, Winners category older mares.
2011: Exhibition Crema: Reserve Champion Category Stutjährlinge; Winner cat. 2 year old mares
2011: Family Record 2011 Merano: 6 out of 8 presented daughters were included in the 1st breeding value class
2012: Stud book registration event in Merano/Meran: Runner up and 3rd place out of 175 mares.
2013: Stud book registration event in Merano/Meran: Italian foal championship fillies – runner up.
2014: Stud book registration event in Merano/Meran: Colts-runner up; 5-7 year old mares not in foal, runner up; 4-5 year olds in foal; runner up; 3 year olds; runner up, 2 year olds; winner (S-Rivalin).
2015: Studbook registration event: Represents the Weltjugen-Reserve-Winner, as well as the winner of the country. (S-Rivalin)
2016: Stud book registration event in Merano/Meran: 5th place mare and three other mares with final evaluation of 1B-Very Good, out of 131 young mares.

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