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Past Sales


Limited Status of Genesis

Thank you Katrina!

Marlena of Genesis

Thank you Julie!

Remi of Due North

Thank you Katrina!

Sternhaufen of Due North

Thank you Hannah!

Sternlicht of Due North

Thank you Kevin!


Action Packed of Due North

Thank you John!

Apotheosis of Genesis

Thank you John!

Baptized by Fire of Due North

Thank you Julie!

Oh Mia Bella DNFH

Thank you David!


Thank you David!


Thank you Jessica!


Acclaimed DNHF

(Reality Check of Genesis x Alfa of Genesis)
Thank you Bethany!

Niagara YES

(Notting Hill x Loreta NTF)
Thank you Darren and Terri!


Legacy of Nordtirol

(Nordtirol x Luxury Edition of Genesis)
will be making her new home in east Texas. Thank you Julie! I know Lily will have a great home with you!

Limited Edition of Genesis

will be leaving soon for her new home in northern California. Thank you Anne-laure! I know LE will have a fantastic life with you!

Nitro DNHF

(Niagara YES x S-Rivalin)
has been sold and will be living at North Star Ranch Haflingers in Montana. Thank you Wendy!

Rumor Has It Of Genesis

Rumor Has it of Genesis has been sold and is making her new home in Kansas. Thank you Kate!

Without Compromise DNHF

(Wrendition of Genesis x Marlena of Genesis)
Thank you Deborah from Tennessee!


Luxury Edition of Genesis

(Arno van het Nieshof x Ladylike RP)
Thank you Jeff from Ohio!

N-Obvious Choice DNHF

(Niagara YES x Limited Edition of Genesis)
Thank you Wendy from Montana!


Dance of Excellence HOF

(Standard of Excellence TOF x Dancin in Aruba HOF)

Dwight of Shanahan

(Marvelon Afire x Dance of Excellence HOF)
Thank you Katy from Alabama!


Libee's Lady A of Pewamo

Gold Classified Mare

Miracle GFH

Amadour TOF x Mona-Lise TOF


Lasting Impression DNHF

Arno van het Nieshof x Libee’s Lady A of Pewamo


Alfa's Perfect Storm

Alfa of Genesis x Mint Edition MLF

Bodacious of DNHF

Bravado x Febe Ze NTF


Febe Ze NTF

Afghan III NTF x Florella of NTF



Altess US Hos x Glyn Eryr Rah

Grace's Irish Lass DNHF

Grace x Standard of Excellence TOF

Mint Edition MLF

Arno van het Nieshof x Mint Julep MLF

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